HCSA Historian Awards

Historian Awards 2022

The HCSA Historian Awards seek to recognise the outstanding achievements of an individual or group who have made a major contribution in the field of history in South Australia. These achievements can encompass, but are not limited to, history teaching, historical research and scholarship, teaching, raising community awareness of our history and heritage (for example through presentations, exhibitions, traditional and digital publications), and strengthening the profile of history.

The awards may be awarded in the following categories: Historian of the Year; Emerging Historian; Life Long Historian; Digital Technologies Award; and Contribution to Regional or Community History (Individual or Group).


The Nominations for the 2022 Historian Awards will open from 1 January 2022. Closing date for submissions, 5 pm, Friday 1 April 2022. 

How to nominate a Historian

Please complete the nomination form and attach a citation (one-page maximum) setting out the case for the nominee in terms of how their achievements align with the award’s criteria.

A suggested citation could follow the following outline:

  1. Relevant background and relevant employment/volunteering/experience in history related fields
  2. Achievements/outputs (for example: publications, exhibitions and positions held)
  3. Community involvement and contribution
  4. Innovation/further details of interest

This year's winners (2021)

2021's winners were Dr Anne Black, Dr Kristy Kokegei, Jeffrey Noble, Will Sergeant, and Don Loffler. Read more about the winners and their work here.

2020's winners

2020's winners were Rachel Bleeze, Eric Fuss, Barbara J. Lodge, and Paddy O' Toole. Read more about the winners and their work here.