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Pre- and early-colonial South Australia’s slavery connections

The HCSA each year proudly presents an Annual Country Lecture in association with individuals or regional history groups to expand and promote historical books, collections, places, and stories. Due to COVID19 Pandemic restrictions, 2021's lecture was held as a webinar.

The History Council of South Australia presented a panel discussion interrogating the extent to which South Australian’s know about their slavery connections, and the important role historians play in documenting and bringing this to light.

Panelists Cameron Coventry, Philip Jones and Beth Robertson discussed how some of South Australia’s most venerated colonists inadvertently benefitted from and made use of compensation paid to slave owners. The panelists’ focused on George Fife Angas (popularly known as South Australia’s ‘founding father’) and pastoralist and politician Edward Stirling (himself born on a Jamaican slave plantation to a woman of colour). The session was facilitated by Amanda Nettelbeck

This session was part 1 of a 2 part series which will conclude in 2021 with a focus on the implications for, and injustices of, slavery for South Australia’s First Nations people.

COVID-19 and the Spanish flu: how do the two pandemics compare?

In partnership with the History Trust of South Australia, on Saturday 9 May 2020 a live webinar was held to explore how the Spanish Flu & COIVD-19 compare. We also discussed how you can help document South Australia's experience of coronavirus.


Dr Susan Marsden looked at the cause, spread, and impact of the world’s worst pandemic, the Spanish flu.

Historian Tom Gara discussed the impact of the Spanish Flu on the Aboriginal peoples of South Australia.

Andrew Piper, State Library of South Australia, discussed the collecting of unpublished material and current State Library initiatives on COVID-19 material that can contribute to collections.

Dr Kristy Kokegei led a discussion around the importance of contemporary collecting and the role everyone can play in documenting and recording the South Australian experience.

Follow the link below to access a recording of the webinar:


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📷 State Library of South Australia, Quarantine Camp at Jubilee Oval, PRG 1638/2/99

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