Newsletter 21 December 2021

President's Report 2021

From President Gillian Dooley

I am very honoured to have been elected President of the History Council in October 2021. I am in awe of the amount of activity undertaken by the council under Skye Krichauff’s leadership, and only hope that I can keep up the tradition of advocacy and collaboration that she has so ably passed on to me.

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Members News

From the editor
Happy holidays and end of year to all our wonderful members and readers!
We will be taking a break from the newsletter in January, so if you would like to get any items in to be advertised in February, please send them in. You can email me directly at [email protected]

HCSA Fellow 2022 Announced
We are pleased to announce the 2022 HCSA Fellow: Dr. Heidi Ing, 'Examining South Australia's early Investors: An analysis of initial purchasers of Adelaide's 'Town Acres'.

Dr. Ing's project will build on and enrich the valuable work undertaken for her PhD. Focusing on pre-selection land purchasers and analysing connections between individuals, their geographic mobility, and their links with other settler-colonial societies, Dr. Ing's project will better place the foundation of South Australia in its international context.
Further information including Dr. Ing's abstract on our Fellowship Page

The Oral History Excellence Award
This year (2021-2022) in conjunction with Oral History Australia SA/NT we have a new category for the HCSA Historian Awards, the Oral History Excellence Award. This brand new award recognises the best oral history presentation, in any format, that uses first-person interviews with individuals encompassing unique life experiences and memories.
View our HCSA Historian Awards page here.

Martindale Hall still threatened
The fight to save Martindale Hall from privatisation continues. The Protect Our Heritage Alliance is urging people to sign the petition to keep the hall in the hands of the public.
View the POHA media release here.

Labour History Society SA General Meeting
The inaugural general meeting will take place at the Box Factory, 2.00pm on Sunday 16th February. There will be a panel discussion on 'The Uses of History'. All are welcome and attendance is free of charge, but masks are required.

HCSA Regional Lecture photos
We would like to thank all involved and all who attended for a fantastic night at our Annual Regional Lecture this year. Wayne Gallasch has kindly provided a link to his Google photos album from the night of the regional lecture.
View the photo collection here.

Professor Philip Payton speaking at the lecture.
Professor Philip Payton. Photo courtesy of Wayne Gallasch.

Protect Our Heritage Alliance
The POHA has recently given a statement on the Government's attacks on heritage and history.
Read the statement on the POHA website.

The Historical Society of South Australia is pleased to announce resumption of its Grants Scheme in 2022 for research, publication or promotion of South Australian history.

Further criteria and application and acquittal forms are available from the society’s website [link here] or by email from the secretary at [email protected]

The closing date for applications is Monday 28th March 2022. Successful applicants will be announced at the lecture meeting during the annual History Festival on Friday 6 May and all applicants will receive notification by Monday 15 May 2022. Payment of the monies awarded in grants will happen in June 2022.

Applications should be addressed to:

The Convenor
HSSA Annual Grants Scheme
PO Box 519
Kent Town SA 5071

Wakefield Press Essay Prize
Applications for the 2022 Wakefield Press Essay Prize Award open in December 2021. The prize is for the best essay on a topic relating to South Australian history.
Further information here.

SA Digihistory

Dr. Susan Marsden has made available an outline for the South Australian Digihistory Project here.

Do you have a favourite South Australian History book that is difficult to find? Would you like to see such books made available in digital format to buy or borrow from your library? Join us by nominating SA histories that were published only in 'hard copy' so they can be included in the South Australian Digihistory Project.

You can email your nominations to Susan Marsden at [email protected]org.au. Please include author, title, date and place of publication as well as any comments about the book. Nominations are due 31 December 2021.

A list of some books that have been nominated is available here.


Professor Stuart Macintyre AO
The Australian historical community mourns the death of Professor Stuart Macintyre AO, 1947-2021. Recognised as one of Australia's leading historians and academics.
Many have written and spoken tributes to him, including the University of Melbourne, the Heritage Council of Victoria, Jacobin Mag, and Frank Bongiorno of the Australian National University.

Untapped: The Australian Literary Heritage Project
Once out of print, many lost Australian books are now on offer at public libraries through BorrowBox. If you're a public library member in SA you can access these titles through the BorrowBox app or via Libraries SA.
Visit the project's website.

Lust for Lifestyle: Modern Adelaide Homes 1950-1965
A new exhibition in the State Library Gallery on the architecture of the post-World War II boom. Open until 5 June 2022.
Further information on the State library website.

AICCM Disaster Preparedness Calendar
In this age of increasing natural disasters, the Australian Institute for Conservation of Cultural Materials has put together a disaster preparedness calendar. It is designed to assist cultural collecting organisations in being prepared for disasters likely to impact their region.
Access it on the AICCM website here.

Around the country

Virtual Seminar: Historians on Planetary Futures
Presented by New Earth Histories and the Laureate Centre for History and Population, UNSW. Held Tuesdays in February to April 2022.
Further information on Eventbrite

Book releases

Happy Together: Bridging the Australia-China Divide, by David Walker, Li Yao, Karen Walker
Addressing the troubled China-Australia relationship, but not through the lens of international relations and politics, but family life and the personal histories of two men born at the same time but in very different circumstances. Pre-orders are now open for this book set to be released in May 2022.

Discounts are available for pre-orders of multiple copies, just send your full delivery details and the number of copies to [email protected] to receive a pre-order invoice.
Further information on the publisher's website here.


2022 Alfred Deakin Institute Research Fellowship two research fellowships are being launched for early career researchers in areas of humanities and social sciences. Applications due 23 January 2022.
Further information on their website here.

Public Environmental History Prize awarded by the Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand History Network. Applications due 1 February 2021.
Further information on their website here.

Mike Smith Student Prize for History of Australian Science or Australian Environmental History. Applications due 17 January, 2022.
Further information here.

Trove trial
Thanks to Commonwealth government funding, Trove is offering a free trial to Australian galleries, archives, museums, and historical societies that would like to reach a vast audience and see their collection in a national context. The trial period ends 30 June 2022.
Further information here.

Donna Coates Book Prize for a monograph published by an Early Career Researcher and/or someone who has published their first book in 2021, that examines at least two countries out of Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Applications due 31 December 2021.
Further information here.

Calls for papers

Urgent Histories: The 39th Australian Historical Association (AHA) Conference on the uses and usefulness of the past in pressing contemporary public debates, disputes, and narratives. Abstracts due 28 February 2022.
Further information on the Deakin University website.

Ngā Pūtahitanga/Crossings is a joint conference between the Society of Architectural Historians, Australian and New Zealand, and the Australasian Urban History/Planning History Group. They are seeking papers that examine historical moments of overlap, collaboration, tension, or dispute between built environment disciplines. Abstracts due 28 February 2022.
Further information on their website here.

'WWII in the Asia-Pacific: Border Crossing Mobilities' workshop focusing on international mobilities and migration as a way to understand the impacts of WWII across the Asia-Pacific. Proposals due 17 January 2022.
Further information on Ritsumeikan University's website here.

(Re)Writing Care: Critical Histories of Community Mental Health Services in Australia. This special issue aims to showcase novel approaches, leaders, experiences and challenges for developing effective and inclusive mental health services. Titles and abstracts are due 31 January 2022.
Further information here (pdf)

Cartoon Conflicts: Contemporary Controversies and Historical Precedents. Submissions due December 31 2021
Further information here.

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