HSCA Historian Awards Nomination Form


As per the HCSA constitution, the next HCSA AGM occurs in September 2019, therefore, please complete the Nomination Form for your election or re-election to either or both of the HCSA committees. The HCSA Constitution (2014) states;
6.3.9 The maximum term in office of any one person as president is four consecutive years; the maximum term in office of other office bearers is six consecutive years.
A firm commitment to attend meetings is required from all elected members. If necessary a proxy may stand-in on occasion. To discuss matters related to nominations or to this form, please contact the President, Professor Peter Monteath at [email protected]
Please note: the form can be printed, signed, scanned and emailed.  Nominations close 6 September 2019

Please return this form to the HCSA President Peter Monteath by Friday 6 September 2019 for the nominee to be
eligible for election at the History Council’s Annual General Meeting on 11 September 2019.

Please note your membership fees need to be up to date prior to the AGM for your nomination to be accepted.